Onboard textiles

Textile European business Club, with products of high quality and design, intended to equipment cruise ships and passengers, such as decorative fabrics, upholstery, clothing bed, table and bath, carpets and other wall coverings and floors inside and outside.

Our Companies

The Companies that join the Club produce fabrics and products for maritime sector in line with regulatory requirements on marine equipment, established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Alpujarre├▒a Alfombras






Industrias BITEX


Grupo Jover


Aznar Textiles


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Onboard Textiles is formed by a selection of top companies in textile sector, which have a range of fabrics items and marine equipment with which to equip ships of any size.

For more information about our partners, you can contact directly with each of the companies or fill out our form so that as soon as possible us to contact you.

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